RKO Keith's Flushing

Theatre Lobby

RKO Keith's Flushing

Theatre Exterior

The Plaza (right) and the Sherry-

Netherland (left) Hotels

The Villa Bianca Restaurant, Flushing, New York.

New York  City Hall.


Some of the places where I worked.

I organized the Flushing Beautification Days, an annual community event in the 1990's.

I made the telephone call that brought Mayor Giuliani to Flushing  to help Shoe Shine Tony with his battle with the MTA.

I raised $20,000.00 from local businesses to put the Police Officers from the 109th Precinct on Bicycles.

Here one of the Bicycle Cops quietly cracks down on one of the if illegal vendors on Main Street in Flushing.

Historic Preservation:

The RKO Keith's Flushing Theatre

I joined the Committee to Save the RKO Keith's shortly after the theatre closed in 1986.  What should have been a simple preservation issue has become an eighteen year battle with corruption and greed.

At a meeting of the Flushing Local Development Corporation, a group I organized to oversee development in Downtown Flushing.

The Board of Directors of the Flushing Local Development Corporation consisted of Bankers, Real Estate Managers, Community Board Members, the City Council, the Mayors Office and Business Groups

The Community Activist: